The provincial government has placed the Boundary on a Level 4 drought notice.

According to a news release from the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, due to the prolonged spell of hot water, rivers that overflowed in the spring are now drying up.

The Granby River, Kettle and West Kettle River are all at or below critical low flow levels, the RDKB says.

“These flow thresholds are the minimum necessary for the next generation of fish and other aquatic species to survive,” a news release says.

There isn’t a fishing ban in effect, but that may change with little to no rain in the forecast.

This drought season is showing more extremes, with water flow levels even lower than 2015, the RDKB said.

The province is asking residents, municipalities, industry and farmers to cut their water use in half.

Many people in the Boundary obtain water from aquifers via groundwater wells. This withdrawal also impacts the rivers since in this region the rivers are recharged by the aquifers later in the season, the RDKB said.

All residents of the Kettle River watershed, which spans from Big White to Christina lake, are being urged to conserve water.

The City of Grand Forks will be implementing additional water restrictions on Monday.