Yesterday evening’s Flood Recovery Update Meeting uncovered some details from a long-awaited River Study. Two flood protection options were presented, although a final permanent solution isn’t expected for 2 to 4 years. A map was also displayed highlighting troubled areas and the course of the flood. One option is to construct new dikes and rebuild dwellings at or above the flood construction level. Councillor Julia Butler says the provincial government recommends against putting dikes into rivers.
However, Councillor Christine Thompson says the safety and security of the community is their priority.
The second option is to relocate the most at-risk residents, which is the lowest-risk permanent-solution. The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary would have to make similar decisions for some rural neighbourhoods. RDKB Vice-Chair Grace McGregor had some concerns for Christina Lake residents.
Some current priorities for the Flood Recovery Team involve finding a safe, warm and dry place for displaced residents, and preparing for 2019. Grand Forks City Council is scheduled to decide between flood protection options on September 4th.