A man who’s no newcomer to Grand Forks council chambers is running for mayor again. Brian Taylor was mayor for nine years, has 30 years administration experience, and says he’s worked with the Regional District for the last 13 years in some fashion. Taylor was surprised by a recent BC Housing announcement that would see supportive housing on 2nd Street.

He says if the project can’t be stopped, we should ensure it’s done to benefit the community. “I think we can work out a role in that where we can keep a direct community accountability until such time as we actually have a local non-profit take it over. That would be my long term vision of where we’re going with it.”

Taylor adds that improving affordable housing could help with economic development. “One of the best things we can do is deal with some of this housing crisis that we’re facing, in a way that allows us to tell employers ‘we can give you a place to live here’ because in my mind right now the biggest impediment to a company coming to Grand Forks is where your workers are going to live.”

Taylor adds there’s economic development initiatives from his time in office he thinks should return such as handout materials and advertising. Another of Taylor’s concerns involves long term water security, as he’s not sure if Grand Forks is urban-fire ready. He says an experienced mayor can bring the proper attention to the needs the community has, and bring it to the right people in Victoria.