The Phoenix Cemetery has officially been spruced up after a Memorial Kiosk was unveiled Tuesday. The Boundary Historical Society wanted to accurately identify everyone buried and had the Boundary Woodworkers’ Guild create the dedication.

BHS Vice-President Cher Wyers says over 138 names are carved into the list. “The first burial took place in the cemetery in January of 1902, for The City of Phoenix, as Al Donnelly (Past President) pointed out they were able to verify over 138 names that are here. There are a couple more added through some research that the historical society was able to provide as well.”

Wyers adds they received funding from the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. “We approached the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, Area D Director from rural Grand Forks Roly Russel provided $2000  from his budget, and Vicki Gee from Area E in the West Boundary, she also provided $2000 from her cemetery services budget.”

The cemetery has also been touched up with white picket fencing and further landscaping. The Boundary Historical Society has been caretaker of the Phoenix Cemetery since the early 1980’s, and remains the registered licensee.