Wednesday evening’s Boundary Flood Recovery Update had some good news.

Recovery Manager Graham Watt explains. “So, this is not the entire housing plan, but this speaks to funding being available for hotels and motels, tourist commercial accommodations, as well as modular units, and so what we’re looking at right now is some good planning for those of you that don’t have the adequate housing and are unable to secure it, whether it’s double mortgages or.”

The 24 modular units would have to go on City property but could need some remodeling. Cost estimates should be expected within following weeks.¬†Another highlight from the meeting was an extension of the Red Cross’ HEAP program, being extended by about six months, although the eligibility is slightly more restrictive. The program offers financial assistance for 30 days, and then users are re-assessed. Also, the Insurance Bureau of Canada is expected to visit Grand Forks October 17th and 18th following concerns of alleged inappropriate behavior.

Councillor Chris Hammett explains. “We did meet with Insurance Bureau of Canada representatives when we were in Victoria, Councillor Thompson and myself, and he assured us that he was going to be sending notices to all the insurance brokers …? that they cannot hold up your claim once we’ve released that we had intended to purchase that property, it’s unethical.”

Jessica Mace with the Kettle River Watershed Authority says they have good news too.

“We got some funding approval to hire a qualified professional, so that is if you are planning to do in-stream works, or you are worried about their property, that lots of it is getting washed away or that your house is looking like it may get washed away this year”

Also, some volunteer-based events are being held in the following weeks to clean up debris. Mace adds if you’re interested, you can find her at the Regional District office. A draft report suggests there was no significant contamination from the event.

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