The storm on Tuesday kept Grand Forks Fire and Rescue crews busy. Richard Piche became a Deputy Fire Chief last Monday.

He says the most significant call was regarding a car-port tent. “Ended up taking off and landing on the power-lines and just sitting there, it never let go until the city power guys came and I think took it off.”

“It didn’t take them long, I think they were there within probably 20 minutes of the call” Piche tells the My Grand Forks Now newsroom. “For camping or little events that you do in a park or whatever for the day, it’s a really good habit to tack them down because you just never know when wind can pick up out of no-where. We saw a little bit of that with a lot of the tents during Cannafest, we’ve got the exact same thing, not as severe but a little bit of a wind storm picked up.”

He adds a few calls came in for trees that had fallen on power lines and were sparking. A tree also fell on a vehicle on Central and 5th Street but Piche says there were no occupants.

A distant photograph shows a fire engine at the end of Boundary Drive.