It was a long Tuesday morning in Grand Forks council chambers with some interesting debate. A presentation reiterating Flood Recovery Team roles led to the topic of miscommunication. Along the road to recovery, roles have switched, projects suggested, but some city councillors feel they need to be more involved. The Recovery Team falls under The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary, but Council primarily makes community decisions.

Mayor Frank Konrad says the City needs to be appropriately represented. “I just find it ironic that we had such a greater need here, and as you’d stated, sure, Regional District, this is the way the policy works but unfortunately the constituents do not approach [the] Regional District they approach our council and myself, and they have their concerns, and if we don’t have answers we look pretty foolish.”

Councillor Julia Butler speaks to a policy group. “Like in the community charter, it states when council creates a committee, that there’s a representatives from council on every committee that’s created by council. Now these committees technically have been created by the Regional District, but if they were committees of council we would have a representative from council on each committee to be able to communicate directly back to council so you don’t have to go through three different stages to get that communication back to council.”

Although the City wants further authority, RDKB Chair Roly Russel says they’re already represented at said group by the mayor. While the City awaits further funding from the Provincial government, some funds were recently accepted for hotels, tourist accommodation, and modular units.