A few important meetings are coming to Gallery 2 Arts & Heritage Centre this week regarding the road ahead. The Recovery Team and Urban Matters want to know what matters to you, what you envision for the future of housing in Grand Forks, and much more.

Emmeline Marshall-Hill with Urban Matters says a lot will be covered at the upcoming community engagements. “And that can be anything from transportation so how do people move and get around, to entertainment, health and recreation, accessing services and amenities, employment all of that. So you know what constitutes your day to day life in Grand Forks? What’s important to you going forward?”

She adds that the meetings address both residents and businesses. “We think it’s really important to bring them together at the same time, in the same room, so that they can hear where their commonalities are in terms of a vision for the future of Grand Forks. Working together coming together, so much of a housing recovery plan is going to go hand in hand with a business recovery plan.”

Marshall-Hill further explains how it’s important. “Any business redevelopment, relocation, or renewal will go hand in hand with the housing program, and if mixed use is going to be a big part of a viable program going forward then both residents and businesses need to be in the room together to hear what the other is saying.”

Mayor Brian Taylor has been invited, and if attending you’re urged to pre-register by contacting the Recovery Team. After a presentation a world cafe-style dialogue session mainly focused on solutions for flood affected residents will follow. The meetings are stand-alone, each following the same format, and run November 7th from 6PM to 9PM, and November 8th from 12PM to 3PM and 6PM to 9PM.

For more information including contact information for the Boundary Flood Recovery Team, click here.