No curve-balls this time, The Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament is preparing for it’s 37th annual event. The tournament was cancelled this year due to flooding, but Coordinator Steve Boutang says they’re in the planning stages now for 2019.

He also says 10 teams have confirmed so far. “We’re happy this year we’ve already got 10 teams confirmed, we were overwhelmed actually with support this year from the clubs that came in the past. So we’ve got a couple of old returning teams including the San Diego Stars coming back which is very exciting.”

Boutang adds that ticket prices are reduced. “We’ve got some reduced ticket prices this year as a big highlight for local people, we understand and appreciate and respect the fact that people are struggling a little bit financially in some cases right now so we’ve reduced the prices of the tickets dramatically.”

He says a Home Run Derby kicks off the opening ceremonies night on June 26th. There will also be a local appreciation night where locals can get through the gate for only a toonie. Tickets go on sale soon, and the event runs June 25th to July 1st at James Donaldson Park.