The Grand Forks & District Public Library’s recently announced renovations could just be the beginning. On Monday Grand Forks City Council jumped on an opportunity to potentially leverage funds for a general energy retrofit of the establishment. Pursuing a Clean BC Communities Fund grant could promote further energy efficiency by leveraging the proposed $250,000 capital roof replacement project into over $800,000.

Councillor Chris Moslin shows his support:

“I think this council should show commitment with the $250,000…. This is our chip on the table to bring this well-used piece of community and social infrastructure up to modern standard.”

Councillor Christine Thompson says it’s an excellent opportunity:

“I think it’s excellent that we can potentially leverage that money up to 800-thousand dollars….”

The City also passed a motion for a feasibility study allowing them to apply for the grant funding, which will also test the likelihood of an elevator, as well as a 2nd story for meeting and office space. A motion to assist in the installation of a service ramp to access their current meeting room was also passed. Over 73,000 people per year come into the library.