The first project to receive funding from the Boundary Integrated Watershed Service is helping restore and enhance black cottonwood riparian forests in the Kettle River Watershed. That from Frances Maika with the RDKB.

She explains that the (RDKB) board approved a $10,000 allocation to the Granby Wilderness Society, who’s working along side the Boundary Habitat Stewards.

“It’s up to the Boundary Habitat Stewards to determine how they’re going to apply that funding. This is part of a much larger project that they’re doing, so the Regional District is one of the contributes, by no means the only one.”

The Boundary Integrated Watershed Service is the product of last year’s referendum, and is purposed to deliver recommendations made in the Kettle River Watershed Management plan.

“Typically these types of riparian areas, there’s a host of reason why they’re impacted. Anything from historic development along the river to agricultural activities….” Maika tells the MyGrandForksNow newsroom. “It’s extremely important habitat across the region for a number of species and we want to be a part of contributing to that restoration.”

Maika says The Service has a $20,000 budget for conservation projects this year, but the next project to receive funding has not yet been identified. The MyGrandForksNow newsroom has reached out to the Granby Wilderness Society for further comments