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Grand Forks: Trailblazers for water conservation

While most Councils are moving to tighten water restrictions, Grand Forks is taking a step back.

In a close vote, 3 to 2, at the last council meeting, Grand Forks has returned to Stage 1 restrictions.

“At this point in time we are feeling confident, obviously summer is coming, and we expect hot weather and there likely will be some adjustments, but right now we are good.” Said Mayor Everett Baker.

“We follow provincial regulations when it comes to water restrictions,”

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“We have five wells that we monitor and if there becomes a need, then staff will make us aware, we’ll go to council and get the necessary resolutions in place.”

Mayor Baker pays credit to Council for their dedication to water conservation policies and setting up Grand Forks to lead the way.

“The work they’ve done on their policies regarding water use and water restriction has been amazing.”

“If Grand Forks doesn’t know water in this province, then who does?”

“I claim we are definitely writing the book.”

However, Grand Forks is prepared to move when needed, not complacent to the potential summer ahead.

“I think everybody in the province is expecting a dry summer and I caution everyone who is going out in the backwoods, the earth is dry and we don’t want to have fires for the boundary and for our community.”

Stage 1 Water Restrictions

Stage 1 water restrictions allow outdoor sprinkling on alternate days with ‘even’ numbered civic addresses sprinkling on ‘even’ numbered days, and ‘odd’ numbered addresses sprinkling on ‘odd’ days.

Sprinkling hours are restricted to between the hours of 7am to 9am and 7pm to 9pm.

Automatic timed underground sprinklers can water between 12 midnight until 4am.

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